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Revolutionary Device for Premature Ejaculation Treatment.

New PE treatment set to improve the sex lives of millions of men

The device, to be used in conjunction with the start-stop technique,

is: substantially cheaper than current available treatments for khasiat herbal hajar jahanam PE ;

free from side effects; provides long-term effects; and requires no

prescription or medical consultations.

Prolong TM was developed in 2008, after independent clinical trials

in London University Teaching Hospitals in 2004, where the prototype in

conjunction with the programme was compared to an active control, the

Gold Standard treatment, rather than a placebo. The

presentation was peer reviewed and was published in the August issue of

the Journal of Sexual Medicine in the proceedings of the World Meeting

on Sexual Medicine 2012.

Prolong TM is an approved treatment for climax control in Europe ,

available on the Internet at http://www.aboutpe.com and in the UK from

April 2012.

* Based on the expected large effect size of Prolong TM and a study

power of 80% (the globally accepted clinical trial standard), it was

calculated that 52 participants were to be enrolled in the clinical


* Prolong costs [pounds sterling]160 while Psychosexual Therapy

costs [pounds sterling]600-[pounds sterling]800


SOURCE The London Psychiatry Centre

Dr Andy Zamar presented climax control training device and programme

Prolong TM, which has been found to prolong the time to ejaculation by

an average 11 fold.

Note to Editors:

Creator and Harley Street Psychiatrist Dr Zamar said: . While there are a number of current treatments

available including Psychosexual Therapy, SSRIs and local anaesthetics,

I realised there was a need for an effective, discreet, side effect free

and affordable treatment that's easy to access.

[R]A newly approved treatment for men experiencing premature

ejaculation (PE) was unveiled at the World Congress of Sexual Medicine

in Chicago on Monday, the 27[sup.th] of August 2012.

* Comparing the effect sizes of Prolong TM with other effective

treatments- Antidepressants have an effect size in the treatment of

depression of 0.31, local anaesthetics and antidepressants have an

effect size of between three and six in the treatment of PE, whilst

Prolong has an effect size of 11 for the treatment of PE, making Prolong

TM 2-3.5 times more effective than other treatments for PE.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120906/559405)

In light of the clinical trial results, Dr Zamar recommended that

Prolong TM should be the first line treatment for PE as well as used

alongside other treatments, as the programme has no harmful effects. In the trial, 61 per

cent of men reported lasting 11 times longer during intercourse after

using Prolong, compared to three fold improvements in 40 per cent of men

who had undergone Teaching Hospital standard Psychosexual Therapy.

"The independent clinical trials have proven the benefits

Prolong can make to the lives of men and, subsequently, their partners,

so hopefully the availability of the device will mark the beginning of

the end to the suffering caused by premature ejaculation."

LONDON, September 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

* Prolong is approved in the 31 countries of the European Economic

Area, for Climax Control training as a Class II a medical device.

* Benefits were noted at week one, were maximal at week six and

lasted at least three months after the programme was completed.

"Roughly 30% of men experience premature ejaculation at some

point in their lives

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All About The Goji Berry

These humble berries have now grow to be well-liked well being food in the western globe also as the eastern world. This kind of is within component due to their status as any possible anti-aging medicine. Goji Berries have some of the highest amounts of antioxidants, vitamin a along with vitamin C of all foods.

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Goji Berries are already employed since olden days in Chinese medicine. they come from your Himalayan mountains associated with Tibet and thus are thus extremely regarded simply by these individuals which they maintain any two week festival inside honor involving this nutritious berry. Goji berries possess merely been not too long ago released to the West along with we are just now understanding regarding its highly beneficial properties.

One of the best as well as easiest ways to savor your well being great things about goji is having a h igh quality goji juice product. The Particular therapeutic dose is 1-4 ounces the day. As your berries are generally a novice to the Europe and in addition the USA scientists tend to be still discovering the amazing properties of these little fruits.


Goji Berries happen for you to be utilized since ancient times in Chinese medicine. These People occur in the Himalayan mountains associated with Tibet and are therefore highly regarded through these people that they maintain a 2 week festival inside honor of this nutritious berry. Goji berries possess simply been not too long ago released towards the West along with we possess been just now learning of its extremely advantageous properties.

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In appearance it can always be a scarlet berry looking similar to the raisin (when dried). That has a mild sweet flavor not necessarily unlike a new cross in between any raisin along with a cranberry. The idea is actually chewy in consisten cy. Since your berries are usually thus delicate, they are shaken in the plant upon mats rather than picked, for you to steer clear of spoilage. That They are generally then dried slowly inside the shade.

The Goji Berry can be renown for its high concentration involving vitamins, minerals, amino acids, along with essential fatty acids, just about all involving w...


All about The Goji Berry

The Goji Berry is actually renown pertaining to its higher concentration associated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, along with essential fatty acids, all regarding which in turn offer amazing features for your health.


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There are already dozens involving scientific studies carried out about the wellness advantages of the goji berry, and many much more studies are continuing to become don e. We can anticipate to hear more about this amazing little berry from the mountains involving Tibet inside the not too distant future as Scientists discover much a lot more of its effective nutritional and also wellness providing properties.